Commercial Cleaning Services, Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning Expertises in All Sectors

It goes without saying that when it comes to selecting commercial cleaning services, you are searching for one that is reputable, trustworthy, offers complete flexibility, professionalism, and a wide range of services that is also reasonably priced!

We are the UK leaders in the cleaning industry!

Sector Support is a cleaning business that possesses a plethora of knowledge and experience in the world of cleaning. Because we have thousands of satisfied customers every week, you can be confident that your office cleaning needs will be completed to a high standard when you leave it in our capable hands.

Commercial Cleaning Services, Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning

A Bespoke Cleaning Service

We recognise that the vast majority of people have hectic schedules to contend with. So our motivated cleaning team go to great lengths to meet your specific cleaning requirements. The entire service is customised to meet your requirements and any cleaning concerns.

Start as soon as possible!

From the moment you first contact us, we are focused on providing you with a high standard of cleaning. Within minutes, we’ll get to work on finding you the most excellent cleaning staff to give you the best possible cleaning service, whether that’s for Deep Cleans or Daily Cleaning. Our Commercial Cleaning Company can do anything. If you’d like to know more about our Contract Cleaning Service, please get in touch!

Sanitation Cleaning Services

We aspire to be the top Commercial Cleaners in the industry by providing sanitation and antiviral services. With our professional cleaning equipment, we have the perfect tools and Antiviral Cleaning products to ensure that the job is done to a high standard.

Quality Cleaning Services

No job is too big or small for professional cleaners at Sector Support. We will go the extra mile to provide you peace of mind that the office is clean with a routine cleaning at a competitive price.

So if you are looking for the best in the Commercial Cleaning Industry, with competitive pricing and high professional service, you need to call our dedicated team today!

Commercial Cleaning Services, Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning

All Our Cleaning Staff Are:

Keeping Your Office Environment Clean

Maintaining a clean and sanitary workspace is essential for business owners, especially small business owners, in order to ensure healthy business growth.

It is well known that an office space can quickly become a hazardous and unhealthy place to work if not cleaned on a regular basis, and we all know how important first impressions are when dealing with business partners and customers.

To ensure that your workplace is a clean and healthy place to work, you should hire a professional cleaning company to handle your daily routine cleaning. We take great pride in the professional service we provide, and we have established an exceptionally high standard of cleaning methods for all of our cleaning employees to follow, as well as a quality check process after each clean is completed, to ensure that this continues.


Commercial Office Cleaning Services with a Focus on Health and Safety

A commercial cleaning firm understands the importance of the health and safety of office employees and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.

Our highly educated cleaning personnel has undergone extensive background checks and is fully compliant with all cleaning materials, equipment, and health and safety regulations.

We ensure that all of our employees in the United Kingdom receive thorough training and evaluation to achieve a high cleanliness standard of service.

In addition to being highly trained, our team of professional office cleaners is fully compliant with the most current safety requirements and industry best practices. AHCP, Incensu, and the Federation of Master Cleaners have all given their approval to our cleaning equipment and the work that we do daily.

Our cleaning operatives can provide you with additional information if you want to learn more about our cleaning services.

Preparation and responsibility are the foundations of our excellent reputation. Which, in our opinion, are essential in providing such a high degree of customer care.

As a cleaning firm, we take full responsibility for our services.


Some of the most common risks include exposure to harmful chemicals used in cleaning products, repetitive strain injuries from constant physical activity, the risk of slips or falls due to wet surfaces, and potential allergies or respiratory issues due to dust or mould.

Risks are typically mitigated through proper training on safe handling of chemicals, the provision of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), the implementation of ergonomic practises, regular breaks for workers, and maintaining clean working environments.

Evaluation helps identify areas that need improvement, assess performance against set goals or standards, ensure customer satisfaction, and maintain high-quality service delivery. It also aids in making informed decisions regarding changes or improvements needed within the service.

Methods can include customer feedback surveys, regular inspections or audits by supervisors or managers, tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), comparing before-and-after conditions of cleaned areas, and reviewing adherence to occupational safety and health guidelines.