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Providing a clean office environment is a key component of a modern, effective organisation. Our office cleaning services in London and across the UK range from low-maintenance, more frequent individual or small business cleanings to Covid-19 decontamination fogging and deep office cleaning services. We also cover medical and health facilities like GP and Dental practices.

Cleaning your office space on a regular basis gives your customers and visitors an excellent first impression. Daily Cleaning Reduces allergens, dust, and mould helps make sure there is cleaner air to breathe, enhancing your staff’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

We find that many of our customers were unhappy with their previous cleaners because they neglect some key areas and perform an unsatisfactory job. Our team is always striving to improve the quality of our work to build strong professional working relationships with clients

Commercial Cleaning Services, Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning experts in a wide range of businesses

27 years extensive experience in the commercial cleaning services industry, quality commercial cleaning services to public and private sectors. From retail and Leisure Facilities to healthcare and medical practice cleaning, we can handle any commercial cleaning contract that comes our way.
We have extensive experience in all building types and our cleaning teams use innovative methods and the latest machinery to deliver unparalleled service.

Sector Support Commercial Cleaning Services

We work hard to deliver a clean environment through a broad range of cost-effective Commercial Cleaning Services. Our fantastic team provide a professional service that aims to meet the exact requirements of your day to day business.

We tailor all our cleaning contracts to suit your nature of business requirements. Personalised services help us comply with any safe working practices and adapt to ongoing changes. Even though we seem to be nearing the end of Coronavirus restrictions, infection rates and regulations are still unpredictable. We assure you that these are all things we can and are ready to handle.

To help mitigate the further spread of the virus, we offer Coronavirus Deep Cleaning services that meet the requirements of the CQC to keep your facility clean and free from contamination for your peace of mind.

Trustworthy & Reliable Staff

We have carefully chosen our employees to ensure they are the most dedicated and efficient individuals in all areas of cleaning. As well as selecting the best cleaners, we also invest in fantastic training programs for our staff, who are a valued and respected team of cleaners.

Friendly Cleaners

We provide high-quality service and top-notch workmanship to all of our clients. Our friendly crew is committed to ensuring that all customers’ requirements are met while delivering the level of service and quality of work they associate with us.

Our Staff Deliver an Excellent Service

At Sector Support, we have a dedicated team of professional cleaning staff, vetted, trained and supported by our management team made up of experienced individuals. We value our team as employee loyalty is essential in this transient business.
Our team will be pleased to help and take the hassle away from you so that your staff can stay healthy and concentrate on their work. Our team are happy to help you and take away the hassle, so your staff can focus on their work.


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Commercial Cleaning Services, Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning Services, Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning Services, Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning

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