Office, Educational, Industrial, and Terminal Cleaning Services From Sector Support Services!

We provide professional daily and one-off cleaning services throughout the United Kingdom.

Whether you’re searching for daily office cleaning services, commercial deep cleaning, industrial cleaning, commercial contract cleaning, or office cleaning services. We’re convinced that we are the cleaning providers that can provide you with solutions to assist you and maintain a clean and professional atmosphere.

We must keep our surroundings clean in the age of Pandemics, such as the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Whether in the workplace or at school, we need more than a quick dusting or a run around with an antibacterial wipe, especially in the office.

Cleaner workplaces make for happy workers!

Daily Cleaning

We provide weekly, daily, or fortnightly cleaning services to our customers, including cleaning their primary work areas, communal spaces and warehouses. There are several other services we can provide in addition to our standard cleaning services. Contact us today to get more info!

Daily Cleaning Schedule Can Include:


Wiping Surfaces, Cleaning Appliances, Empty Bins and Washing the Floor

Workplace Bathrooms

Cleaning toilets, urinals, communal showers, tiles and all surfaces, including Mopping the floors.


Dusting, Changing the Bed Sheets, Emptying Bins and Hoovering.

Living Room

Hoovering, Dusting, Cleaning all Surface and Upholstery.

How Important It Is To Maintain A Clean Office Environment

Maintaining a clean and sanitary workspace is essential for business owners, especially small business owners, in order to ensure healthy business development.

It is well known that an office space can quickly become a dangerous and unhealthy place to work if not cleaned on a regular basis, and we all know how important first impressions are with business partners and clients.

It is critical to have a professional cleaning company handle your daily routine cleaning in order to maintain a clean and healthy working environment. As a company, we take great pleasure in the professional service we give. To that end, we have established an incredibly high standard of cleaning techniques that all of our cleaning employees must adhere to, as well as a quality check after each clean is completed.

Choose Sector Support Services

When it comes to choosing your cleaning service, you are undoubtedly looking for one that is dependable, trustworthy, complete flexibility, professional and at an affordable price!

We are cleaning industry leaders!

We, Sector Support, have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Commercial and Contract cleaning. With thousands of satisfied customers every week, you can rest assured that we will go the extra mile so that your cleaning service will be finished to a high standard.

Our services are tailored to you!

We understand that the majority of individuals have hectic schedules. As a result, we make every effort to fit around your timing and cleaning requirements.

Quick to Start!

The entire service is tailored to your needs. The quality of our service and your peace of mind are our top concerns from the moment you first contact us. Immediately, we’ll set to work finding you a suitable cleaning team to provide you with the greatest clean possible.

Reliable and Quality Cleaners

We understand that having quality cleaners is essential to the success of our company, and we, Sector Support, make every effort to ensure all of our home cleaners are honest and dependable. Each candidate is questioned in their own home, and their identification and references are confirmed.


All Our Cleaning Staff Are:

Trusted By Our Leading Cleaning Accreditations

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commercial cleaning services, office cleaning services
commercial cleaning services, office cleaning services

Why Choose Sector Support?

Client testimonials

Private School, Cambridge Client since May 2017

`We have always been impressed with the proactive, solution-seeking attitude displayed by their staff to ensure that our students have clean, safe and enhanced learning environment`

Car Dealership, Luton Client since August 2017

`A friendly team of people, they are dedicated to ensuring that all customers’ needs are met and given the service and quality of work provided, at a very reasonable price`

Medical Practice, Bedford Client Since 2018

`We have been a client since 2018 and I have already recommended Sector Support Services to colleagues at other GP practices, and will continue to do so`

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    What are the different types of commercial cleaning services?

    Commercial cleaning service refers to a range of services, from basic office cleaning to washroom cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, gyms, schools, medical practices and more.

    How to find a Commercial Cleaning Service in your area?

    Finding a commercial cleaning service in your area can be difficult if you don’t have the time to investigate all of the businesses you reach out to. Ensuring you choose a professional, reliable and trustworthy commercial cleaning company like Sector Support Services will help offer peace of mind your business is being well looked after.

    Do you offer Commercial Cleaning Services in London?

    Yes, we provide commercial, office and industrial cleaning services in London, Milton Keynes, Luton, Bedfordshire and nationwide across the UK.