Who We Are

Sector Support Services understands that not all businesses have the same cleaning requirements. Even businesses within the same industry will have varying needs, which is why the company’s announcement of bespoke commercial cleaning services is so important. The bespoke commercial cleaning service will allow businesses to customise the cleaning service based on what is needed and when needed. For instance, office managers can stress the need to ensure that the cubicles are dust-free and that the conference room’s carpet is thoroughly cleaned every day.

You can find out more about Sector Support Services’ commercial cleaning by browsing our official website.

We provide high-quality service and top-notch workmanship to all of our clients. Our friendly crew is committed to ensuring that all customers’ requirements are met while delivering the level of service and quality of work they associate with us.


About Sector Support Services

Sector Support Services is owned by industry veteran Tony Scozzari, who changed career paths to launch an innovative new commercial cleaning service. Manned by a team of professional cleaners, the company provides a myriad of competitively priced commercial cleaning services. Cleaning professionals working for Sector Support Services use a growing range of highly effective eco-friendly products.

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