Commercial Cleaning Services Newcastle

Sector Support Commercial Cleaning Services is one of Newcastle’s most trusted and experienced providers for all business cleaning requirements. No matter how big or small your company is, we offer a wide range of office cleaning services throughout Newcastle that are explicitly tailored to your needs.

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We provide our commercial cleaning service to:

Commercial Cleaning Services Newcastle

We understand that it is essential to maintain a tidy and clean working environment for employees and customers to be happy.

A clean, tidy workspace is essential to ensuring your employees are productive and efficient. Every day, we clean various office buildings in Newcastle to ensure that people have the best working environments. We can provide an exceptional daily office cleaning service or one-off deep clean for your business, no matter what size or type of property.

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A Bespoke Cleaning Service

We can offer specialist Commercial cleaning service in various industries, as you’d expect from a commercial cleaning company that has the experience and expertise of Sector Support over the last 20 years.

Our team of commercial cleaners has the expertise to provide quality services that are tailored to your needs, whether your business is big or small.

Our attention to detail is what makes us stand out from the rest.

Our Range Of Cleaning Services Include:

Sector Support offers professional services to businesses and corporate clients in commercial properties and buildings throughout Newcastle, and surrounding areas.

Commercial Cleaning Services, Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning

Daily Contract Cleaning

First impressions are crucial in business. Your visitors will be impressed by a clean, tidy and professional office. Clean offices create a positive atmosphere and increase productivity. This is why it is important to do daily contract cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning Services, Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning

Deep Office Cleaning Services

Deep office cleans may include a thorough clean and window cleaning as well as some special floor cleaning. It can also involve hard work to remove any traces of dirt or grime that has been left behind.

Commercial Cleaning Services, Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning

Office Contract Cleaning

Office contract cleaning services are a great way to keep your business looking professional, safe and most importantly, clean. We offer a bespoke service tailered to your exact requirements.

Commercial Cleaning Services, Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning

One-off Services

If you’re looking for a one-off cleaning service, we can come into your facility and clean to your exact preferences and requirements. Get in touch with the team today to find out how we can help

You will be assigned a dedicated team of cleaners who will clean your premises and properties on a regular basis. Whether you need an office cleaning contract, one-off deep office cleaning, power washing, professional carpet cleaning, we can tailor our services to your exact requirements.

Commercial Cleaning Services, Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning

Professional, Highly Trained & Experienced Services

Our cleaning services are tailored to your company’s needs. We will also support you in adapting to any new safety practices required during the ever-changing Coronavirus period. So whether you need a one-off deep clean or a cleaning contract on a regular basis, we’re confident we can help.

Each client has its regulatory requirements. Our staff is well-trained and equipped with the right PPE so that everyone can work safely.

Our success is because we have focused on hiring only the best and most efficient employees, offering top-quality training in hygiene and cleaning, and providing a flexible and bespoke service for our clients.

Sector Support Services is a commercial cleaning company that believes its expertise, dedication, and commitment to providing an outstanding service make it the ideal partner for any business.



Specialised Cleaning Services for Any Sector

Our team can provide specialist cleaning services to any office building, schools, colleges, and universities, both public and private. This expertise allows us to understand how to clean academic facilities to the highest standards.

Gyms, leisure centres, and clubs are customer-centric businesses that must maintain high hygiene standards, especially after a pandemic. Our years of expertise in the leisure and sports sector will give you complete peace of mind regarding ensuring that your premises are having ongoing regular cleaning that keeps your environments in their best conditions.

Popular Sectors We Service

Commercial Cleaning Services, Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning

Professional Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Our responsibilities towards the environment and service standards are significant to us. We have obtained several registrations, memberships, and accreditations that require a strict code of practice. These codes also need to be subject to audits from outside.

We’re proud to be an environmentally conscious business and ensure that our janitorial supplies are eco-friendly and designed to be (where possible) gentle, free from harsh chemicals, and won’t ever leave powerful, off-putting chlorine or bleach smells behind.

Every employee is highly trained in using these cleaning supplies and plays an active part in ensuring we provide customer satisfaction without compromise.

Our eco-friendly cleaning methods and cleaning techniques ensure that not only your property is looked after, but our staff and environment are also looked after too.

Where possible, we will always try to use bio-degradable & non-toxic cleaning products.

Network Of Reliable Cleaners In Newcastle

Sector Support has over 250 cleaners in the commercial cleaning industry. All of them have gone through a rigorous screening that included vetting and proof of their eligibility to work in Britain and strict reference checks.

Our cleaning teams and all services are insured up to PS10m.
The team of commercial cleaners have been trained to an extraordinary standard. In addition, all supervisors of our employees have at least 20 years of industry experience.

Sector Support, which includes ISO and Checkatrade, The Federation of Cleaners and others making us one of the UK’s most accredited commercial cleaning companies.

Our number one priority has been the safety of both our clients as well as our employees. This is particularly important in the wake of the Covid pandemic.

COVID-Secure Office Cleaning And Workplaces

New procedures have been added to COVID-Secure Office Cleaners and Workplaces. These new methods are designed to limit the risk of transmission. Our clients are working together to make COVID-secure offices in Newcastle. We offer bespoke office cleaning and services such as hot fogging, daytime sanitisation and deep cleaning.

We can provide emergency and one-off commercial cleaning services in Newcastle, but many customers use our contract cleaning service. This service guarantees commercial cleaning every day or week, depending on their needs.

This service is available when you contact us. We will come to you to assess your requirements, provide a tailored, competitive quote, and send you a representative to arrange for a cleaning crew to visit you at a set time each day.